Biosis Online Shop
Specialists in innovative eco-lifestyle air purity and health-related products
An informative web site designed to help you make the best decisions for you and your baby, compiled by Lynoa Cochrane and Susan Oak.
A UK information resource for sufferers of ME/CFS, MCS, and Hazardous Radiations Sickness [HRS] - created by sufferer of all three.
CARNAGECanterbury Animal Rights Network
for A Green Environment. It covers vivisection, hunting, zoos, circuses, bullfights, intensive farming, marine life, fur farming, pollution, and all the nasties destroying life on land, sea and in the air.
Green Solutions
The site is packed full of useful information and links which should help you to make more sustainable lifestyle decisions
Europe's leading eco-centre, with information on renewable energy, environmental building, energy efficiency, organic growing and alternative sewage systems.
Services include a visitor centre open 7 days a week, practical and informative publications, a mailorder service of 'green' books and products, educational services for schools, consultancy for individuals and businesses, residential courses, membership and a free information service.
is saying NO to TETRA. We are protesting that an untested technology is being planted among us, even in densly populated areas, on hospitals, residential blocks and close to schools.
Organisation opposing the insensitive siting of mobile phone and Tetra masts in the UK
a range of innovative, natural products by mail order
Todmeister Designs
is a company committed to producing quality artwork often influenced by nature and spiritural/mythological subjects. Focusing mainly on murals and theme interiors, this website provides a colourful online portfolio for prospective clients, but is also hopefully an interesting site for anyone to browse.
Tools for responsible living
Solar Energy Water Heaters
Simple, durable, reliable. Experience True Quality Solar water heating systems by Alternate Energy Technologies. Solar energy systems available worldwide for all building types. Dealer opportunities available.
An InsideOut garden office gives you the freedom to work at home without interruption. In the peace and quiet of your own office you can concentrate and work at your own pace. Business life and home life are separate but together.
strives to: help us reduce our impact on the earth's resources, bring more simplicity to our lives, help us spend less and enjoy more, bring us closer to nature
supporting those made ill by electromagnetic field/RF/microwaves and the camaign for recognition of this disease